Everything you need to know about the Boxabl Casita product.

Building Technology

Is the room divider attached to the floor or movable?

The room divider is just furniture and can be moved.

Casita Stats

How much does it weigh?

The Casita weighs 12,000 lbs.

What size couch will fit?

You can fit up to a 10 ft couch.

What is the height of the ceiling?

The ceiling is 9.5 ft

What is the vertical clearance?

The exterior height is 11 ft.

Can the units be stacked?

We will provide you a rating of how strong the units are and then an architect, structural/civil engineer on-site will sign off on the configuration of multiple units.

Plumbing & Electrical

How are the units set up to access water/sewer/electricity/gas?

The units each have their own electrical panel ready for site hook up, there is a ¾” water inlet line for main water inlet, and a 3” and a 2” sewer exit out the bottom side of the wall which can be hooked up on-site without planning the foundation prior as there’s no vertical exit.

Are they heated with gas or electric?

They’re heated with a split HVAC system (electric)

Are the connections for water and sewer already set up on the units?


So just a connection to on site utilities are required?

Yes, as well as unpacking the unit to assemble it and securing to a foundation and any other site prep etc.

Typically, sewage, water and other utilities are connected through the basement of a house, so where would these be located on your units?

The exit the bottom of the wall horizontally.

And also the roof would need to be a pitched version in northeastern climates and how much would that add to the cost of a unit?

It shouldn’t be more than a few thousand dollars depending on who does it as it doesn’t need to be insulated, just some trusses, plywood, and finish (metal, shingles, soffit & facia).

Where is the water heater?

Water heater is under the sink in the kitchen.

Is the tankless water heater gas or electric?

The water heater could be gas or electric.

Can the water heater be moved inside of the house?

Yes, we do plan to locate the heater in the house in future models.

How many gallons does the water heater have?

20 gallons.


Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. If you pay for the shipping, we will ship it to you anywhere.

Can I pick it up myself?

Yes, you can pick it up yourself.

How many meters are they when they are folded down?

They fold down to 8.5 feet wide and can be transported by trucks, trains, sea and air.

Do you deliver to areas off private roads?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere.

How do you manage foldable interiors?

There is a space within the folded unit that is uncompressed which is around 6 ft and that's where we keep the appliances.